Behold! The power of PowerPoint.

Posted on: April 30th | Filed under: Presentation Design

I have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint®. As anyone familiar with professional grade design tools will tell you, PowerPoint can be a challenge, to say the least. One little example: a client asked for a graphic where we’d compare two ideas using a scale or see-saw. The scale would ultimately lean to one side. But in PowerPoint, with all of its silly pre-packaged animations, this could not (easily) be done.

But that little rant aside, a well-written, well-designed PowerPoint is worth its weight in gold. Maybe even more. Maybe even a year’s salary. Ask yourself this… if your able to close a deal, motivate an army of sales people, compress a two week sales cycle into a 20-minute, repeatable presentation, what is that worth?

In the last year, I have worked on two high-value sales presentations delivered by a team using PowerPoint as their weapon of choice. Each potential deal was worth millions of dollars (I found this out later). We spent weeks outlining, researching, writing, designing and animating those presentations. Each presentation illustrated clearly the benefits of those two parties working together.

In both cases, it was a gratifying experience because I got to use my ‘mass-marketing’ skills for a small, confidential audience. And in both cases, the presentation itself was instrumental in helping to close the deal.

If you’re in an business environment where a small target audience has as much importance as a large crowd, perhaps it’s time to take your pitch and your presentation to the next level.

Think about it.

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