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  • 2011: So far, so good.

    Posted on: October 4th | Filed under: Articles

    Every once in a while, I like to look back to remind myself what a great line of work I’m in. I just love the variety of assignments. Here are some highlights from the year so far: Wrote brand positioning statements channeling the voices of Jon Stewart, George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres. Yes, seriously. Conceived […]

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  • The tagline: There is no substitute.

    Posted on: June 29th | Filed under: Copywriting

    I recently got a tagline assignment from a major entertainment company.

    Your first question is, “Cool, Scott. Who hired you for that.” To which my response is “I signed an NDA.” To which your response might be, “Oh, so why are you bothering to tell us?” To which my response is, “It’s a good lead-in for a discussion about taglines (the English call them ‘Strap Lines’) and the role they play in branding.” At which point, you’re either falling asleep, or willing to enter one of the more nerdy points where marketing and copywriting collide.

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  • 11 Keys to great copywriting.

    Posted on: June 14th | Filed under: Copywriting

    My clients seem to have an appreciation for high quality copywriting — the words and phrases that help sell products and services. While many of them know great copy when they read it, many can’t seem to put it into words. Perhaps they should hire a copywriter to help them make their point. Or maybe they should read my list:

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