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Yada. Yada. Yada. That’s what most blogs are to most people. Luckily, our blog is not meant for most people. It is written solely for those who care about ideas, the creative process and marketing as much as we do. If you are not one of these people, then go yada somewhere else.

  • Cree: Selling technology with technology

    Posted on: October 8th | Filed under: Design

      Cree is a global leader in manufacturing high-efficiency, high quality LED lighting products, headquartered in the North Carolina’s Research Triangle. They recently built a state-of-the-art sales showroom at their headquarters called the Learn Experience Center. It’s a gorgeous space where clients and VIPs can get up close and personal with the latest and greatest […]

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  • Helping Tax Accountants Rock The House

    Posted on: November 5th | Filed under: Inspiration

    Every year, our client Thomson Reuters holds a conference for users of their corporate tax software. This year, they asked Headfirst to produce the opening video — a music video — to get everyone excited and entertained about the conference. Together with the client, we collaborated to create parody lyrics to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, […]

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  • Defining ‘creativity.’

    Posted on: December 13th | Filed under: Inspiration

    I don’t think I could come up with a better definition.  

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  • Are you force feeding your message?

    Posted on: December 9th | Filed under: Inspiration

    There is a natural cycle to business: Businesses need to grow… Money needs to be earned… Products need to be sold… Marketing plans need to be executed… Creative needs to developed… Repeat as needed. But toward that end, are you creating a message and offering a product that is conducive to your target audience’s genuine […]

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  • Passion and ideas matter most in marketing and sales

    Posted on: October 12th | Filed under: Inspiration

    In a recent study discussed on the Harvard Business Review blog, the Sales Executive Council set out to determine which characteristics define the top-tier sales professionals — those that make the cash register ring, no matter what state the economy happens to be in. The results are surprising, and in some ways quite validating. The […]

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  • 2011: So far, so good.

    Posted on: October 4th | Filed under: Articles

    Every once in a while, I like to look back to remind myself what a great line of work I’m in. I just love the variety of assignments. Here are some highlights from the year so far: Wrote brand positioning statements channeling the voices of Jon Stewart, George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres. Yes, seriously. Conceived […]

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  • Hey Ivory: You’re going the wrong way!

    Posted on: October 4th | Filed under: Branding

    You know that night scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles when John Candy sleepily winds up driving on the wrong side of the highway? The panicked drivers on the RIGHT side of the road start screaming “YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!!!!” until it’s almost too late. That’s how this rebranding makes me feel. I want to […]

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  • You’re Never Too Small to Brand

    Posted on: August 3rd | Filed under: Branding

    Hello, Mr./Mrs. Small business owner. If I can pry you away from the sales calls, billing, payroll, and customer support emails you’re handling simultaneously, I want to take a moment to talk about your brand. This won’t take too long. Promise.

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  • The tagline: There is no substitute.

    Posted on: June 29th | Filed under: Copywriting

    I recently got a tagline assignment from a major entertainment company.

    Your first question is, “Cool, Scott. Who hired you for that.” To which my response is “I signed an NDA.” To which your response might be, “Oh, so why are you bothering to tell us?” To which my response is, “It’s a good lead-in for a discussion about taglines (the English call them ‘Strap Lines’) and the role they play in branding.” At which point, you’re either falling asleep, or willing to enter one of the more nerdy points where marketing and copywriting collide.

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  • Does the term ‘ad agency’ fit anymore?

    Posted on: June 28th | Filed under: Articles

    As we went about the task of forming a new website for Headfirst, we struggled with how to succinctly describe our business and what we offer. This is relatively easy for plumbers (they plumb) and law firms (they sue) and architects (they draw). It was already hard enough for me to explain to my mother what I do all day, but now things have gotten even harder on all of us creatives …and our mothers (which is kind of ironic since we’re all in the communication business).

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  • 11 Keys to great copywriting.

    Posted on: June 14th | Filed under: Copywriting

    My clients seem to have an appreciation for high quality copywriting — the words and phrases that help sell products and services. While many of them know great copy when they read it, many can’t seem to put it into words. Perhaps they should hire a copywriter to help them make their point. Or maybe they should read my list:

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  • The importance of authentic marketing.

    Posted on: June 12th | Filed under: Branding

    I am not just a Creative Director. I am a consumer. And I tend to be a jaded one at that. Not because I am part of the sausage making machinery that some people claim marketing to be. But because, as a consumer, I have been disappointed over and over by the misleading messages and hyperbole marketers will use to sell stuff. It’s gotten to the point where so much of it is noise. It’s my opinion that the best way to stand out is to be as authentic as possible. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s a unique way to sell.

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  • Logo No-No

    Posted on: May 20th | Filed under: Design

    I fired my last CPA firm a couple of years ago. Nothing personal. They were just too expensive for too little service. I still get their newsletter though, just to see if there’s any advice in there that helps small businesses like mine. I just noticed that their logo is a maze. A symbol of […]

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  • Behold! The power of PowerPoint.

    Posted on: April 30th | Filed under: Presentation Design

    I have a love-hate relationship with PowerPoint®. As anyone familiar with professional grade design tools will tell you, PowerPoint can be a challenge, to say the least. One little example: a client asked for a graphic where we’d compare two ideas using a scale or see-saw. The scale would ultimately lean to one side. But […]

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