2011: So far, so good.

Posted on: October 4th | Filed under: Articles

Every once in a while, I like to look back to remind myself what a great line of work I’m in. I just love the variety of assignments. Here are some highlights from the year so far:

  • Wrote brand positioning statements channeling the voices of Jon Stewart, George Clooney and Ellen Degeneres. Yes, seriously.
  • Conceived an internal ad campaign to get 100,000+ employees to think outside the box.
  • Developed an email campaign to promote a television network’s smart phone apps.
  • Consulted on print layout design for a major business magazine.
  • Wrote an “oops” letter for a client’s billing department, apologizing to customers for not billing them enough.
  • Created an animated infographic explaining multinational revenue streams and transfer pricing.
  • Wrote an “oops” letter apologizing to customers for over-billing them.
  • Developed a print ad campaign aimed at getting publishers to outsource their declining-but-still-valuable print distribution.
  • Wrote an animated XtraNormal video used to open a live technology conference.
  • Art directed a book cover for a rock’n’roll coffee table book.
  • Redesigned, reorganized and rewrote a website used by 500,000 energy customers.
  • Produced and directed a video to encourage donations to Haiti.
  • Wrote headlines for a series of inspirational posters.
  • Created a PowerPoint presentation that helped fire up a team of 1,000+ software developers.
  • Worked on a new twitter app.
  • Consulted on web design for a southern resort.
  • Wrote an ad campaign directed at truck drivers and truck dispatchers.
  • Branded a web-based software product and website that can save the public healthcare system millions of dollars.
  • Wrote an ad campaign to convince traders to move their business from one firm to another.
But enough about me. What can I do for you?
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